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Anti Cellulite Treatment

What is Anti Cellulite Treatment?

Mesotherapy is more than just a treatment; it's a transformative experience. At Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, we offer a specialized mesotherapy service using the state-of-the-art MesojectGun. This needle-free mesotherapy gun, equipped with Pulse Booster technology, introduces mesotherapeutic active substances into the skin. This innovative technique ensures maximum efficiency and minimal invasiveness, combining skin electrical stimulation and microabrasion. Our therapists are trained to deliver the best anti-cellulite treatment, ensuring you walk out feeling rejuvenated.

Unique to our practice, the MesojectGun is designed to increase collagen synthesis, improve microcirculation in the dermis, stimulate cell metabolism, and slow down cell aging. Whether you're looking for effective anti-cellulite treatment or simply wish to revitalize your skin, your therapist at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio is here to guide and care for you throughout the journey.

Anti-Cellulite Treatment in Puerto Rico

Duration: 60 min

Discover the transformative power of our mesotherapy anti-cellulite treatment at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio. Each session lasts 60 minutes, ensuring a thorough and revitalizing experience. While the treatment is typically sold as a series, with a minimum of three sessions recommended, we offer flexible pricing options. Individual sessions are priced at $125, but if you commit to five sessions, you receive a special package price of $500. To book your session, you can either give us a call or use our convenient appointment reservation form. Experience the best anti-cellulite treatment in Luquillo, Puerto Rico at an unbeatable value.

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Benefits of Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Mesotherapy anti-cellulite treatment at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio isn't just about appearance; it's about overall skin health. The unique blend of active ingredients delivered through the MesojectGun doesn't just target cellulite but also enhances the skin's inherent vitality. Our treatments are designed to offer holistic benefits, from boosting skin hydration to enhancing its natural elasticity. Every session is a step towards not just smoother skin, but healthier, more radiant skin.


Enhanced Collagen Synthesis: Mesotherapy promotes natural collagen production, revitalizing the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite.
Improved Microcirculation: By enhancing circulation in the dermis, the treatment ensures better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin cells.
Stimulated Cell Metabolism: The treatment invigorates cellular activity, promoting skin health and vibrancy.
Age-Defying Effects: Slow down the signs of aging, thanks to the treatment's ability to decelerate cell aging processes.
Minimal Invasiveness: Using the MesojectGun ensures a gentle approach, combining efficiency with comfort.

Your Anti-Cellulite Treatment Experience

1. Arrival & Welcome
2. Personalized Consultation
3. Pre Anti-Cellulite Treatment
4. The Anti-Cellulite Treatment Experience
5. Post Anti-Cellulite Treatment
6. Departure & Recommendations
1. Arrival & Welcome

As you step into Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, you're greeted with warmth, ensuring a comfortable start to your anti cellulite treatment journey.

2. Personalized Consultation

Your therapist takes the time to understand your skin needs and desired outcomes, tailoring the session to offer optimal results.

3. Pre Anti-Cellulite Treatment

A gentle cleansing and preparation of the treatment area ensure that the skin is ready to receive the mesotherapy.

4. The Anti-Cellulite Treatment Experience

Using the advanced MesojectGun, your therapist administers the treatment with precision, targeting areas with cellulite to deliver transformative results.

5. Post Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Once the session concludes, a soothing gel or cream is applied to calm the skin and enhance the treatment's benefits.

6. Departure & Recommendations

As you prepare to leave, your therapist offers personalized recommendations to maintain and enhance the treatment results at home.

Anti Cellulite Home Care

After experiencing the transformative power of our mesotherapy anti-cellulite treatment, it's essential to follow specific care guidelines to ensure long-term success. The first 24 hours post-treatment are crucial. We recommend avoiding direct sun exposure and refraining from any strenuous physical activity. This allows the treated areas to heal without any external interference.

In the days following your treatment at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio, it's essential to keep the skin moisturized. Apply a gentle, hydrating lotion to maintain skin elasticity and promote healing. Drinking plenty of water aids in flushing out toxins and enhances the effects of the treatment. Your therapist might also recommend specific products from our range to further enhance and prolong the benefits of the anti-cellulite treatment. By following these guidelines, you ensure that the results of the treatment are long-lasting and effective

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Frequently Asked Questions

While our mesotherapy anti-cellulite treatment offers significant results, no treatment guarantees permanent elimination of cellulite. Regular sessions and proper aftercare can extend the benefits.

Absolutely! Our mesotherapy treatment, especially with the MesojectGun, has been effective for many clients in reducing the appearance

Look no further than Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. We offer the best anti-cellulite treatment using the latest MesojectGun technology.

Mesotherapy, especially with the advanced MesojectGun, is one of the most effective treatments for cellulite. It introduces mesotherapeutic substances into the skin, targeting cellulite at its source.

Cellulite forms due to the accumulation of fat cells underneath the skin, causing a dimpled appearance. Factors like genetics, hormones, and lifestyle can influence its development.

While there's no magic cure, treatments like mesotherapy at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio can significantly reduce its appearance and improve skin texture.

Our 100-minute session is priced at $125. However, if you commit to five sessions, the package is available for $500, offering both quality and value.

With the needle-free MesojectGun, our treatment ensures minimal discomfort. Most clients describe the sensation as a light tingling.

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