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Corrective Massage Therapy

What is a Corrective Massage?

Corrective massage is a specialized technique focused on correcting imbalances in the body that arise from prolonged stress, injuries, or poor posture. It's not just about relaxation; this therapy dives deeper into the anatomy of your body, targeting specific muscles and areas to bring about relief and structural balance. At Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, our therapists are trained in these advanced techniques, offering a bespoke massage experience tailored to your unique bodily needs. Through a combination of deep tissue techniques, stretching, and other specialized maneuvers, our corrective massage therapy ensures not just temporary relief, but a step towards long-term well-being.

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Corrective Massage Puerto Rico

Duration: 45 min

Experience the healing benefits of corrective massage at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio. Secure your session by calling us or through our online appointment reservation form. Enjoy a 45-minute session for only $75.

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Corrective Massage Therapy Benefits

Corrective massage therapy doesn’t merely target symptoms but addresses the root causes of body discomfort. By realigning muscle groups and improving circulation, this therapeutic approach offers both immediate relief and long-term benefits. It's a holistic approach to body wellness, ensuring that each session contributes to overall health and balance.


Addresses root causes of pain
Improves posture
Enhances circulation
Promotes muscle balance
Long-term wellness approach

Your Massage Experience

1. Arrival & Welcome
2. Personalized Consultation
3. Pre Massage Preparation
4. The Massage Experience
5. Post Massage Relaxation
6. Departure & Recommendations
1. Arrival & Welcome

Enter the serene environment of Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio, where your journey to body correction begins.

2. Personalized Consultation

Discuss your concerns, pain points, and goals with your therapist to tailor your corrective massage therapy session.

3. Pre Massage Preparation

Get comfortable in our state-of-the-art massage room, as we ensure everything is set for your therapy

4. The Massage Experience

Dive into a transformative experience as our therapist employs specialized therapy body massage techniques.

5. Post Massage Relaxation

Rest and absorb the therapeutic effects of the massage in our relaxation space.

6. Departure & Recommendations

Your therapist provides guidance for maintaining the positive effects and suggests a customized follow-up plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a therapeutic massage approach focusing on correcting muscular and postural imbalances in the body for long-term relief.

Beyond relaxation, it addresses pain root causes, improves posture, circulation, and promotes overall muscle balance.

Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio in Luquillo, Puerto Rico offers trained specialists in corrective massage therapy.

It includes deep tissue massage, stretching, and targeted pressure to address specific muscular and postural issues.

Regular sessions, following therapist recommendations, and practicing good posture can help maintain results.

Yes, it targets underlying issues causing back pain, providing both immediate and long-term relief.

Absolutely, it can address tension in the foot, potentially alleviating symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Restorative massage focuses on overall relaxation and rejuvenation, whereas corrective massage targets specific muscular imbalances.

While both can employ deep pressure, corrective massage specifically addresses imbalances in the body, while deep tissue focuses on muscle relaxation.

Frequency depends on individual needs. Consult your therapist for a personalized recommendation.

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