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Tailored Massage

What is a Tailored Massage?

Tailored massage therapy at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio is a curated experience designed to meet your body's unique needs. Rooted in the rich wellness traditions of Puerto Rico, our approach combines holistic insights with modern techniques. This isn't just another massage. It's a custom therapeutic massage tailored specifically to your body's demands. Whether you seek relaxation, pain relief, or rejuvenation, your therapist designs your custom therapy massage journey with precision and care, ensuring each session is as unique as you are.

Custom Massage Puerto Rico

Duration: 60 min

Experience the wonders of a 60-minute custom massage at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio for $125. Booking is hassle-free - simply give us a call or complete our appointment reservation form. Let us create a massage experience just for you in the heart of Puerto Rico.

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Benefits of a Tailored Massage

Dive into a world of benefits with our tailored recovery massage. It's a doorway to enhanced relaxation, pinpointed pain relief, and heightened body awareness. This custom massage therapy addresses your unique physical and mental stressors, making it a truly individualized experience.


Targeted relaxation for specific muscle groups.
Personalized pain relief.
Enhanced body-mind connection.
Improved posture and body alignment.
Boosted circulation in targeted areas.

Your Massage Experience

1. Arrival & Welcome
2. Personalized Consultation
3. Pre Massage Preparation
4. The Massage Experience
5. Post Massage Relaxation
6. Departure & Recommendations
1. Arrival & Welcome

Step into our oasis in Puerto Rico, where serenity awaits and a tailored experience begins.

2. Personalized Consultation

Discuss your specific desires and needs, ensuring that the tailored massage aligns perfectly with your body.

3. Pre Massage Preparation

Transition into relaxation, mentally preparing for a truly custom therapeutic massage experience.

4. The Massage Experience

Journey into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation as your therapist expertly delivers a custom massage therapy.

5. Post Massage Relaxation

Bask in the afterglow of the therapy, absorbing the benefits and tranquility.

6. Departure & Recommendations

Before you leave, our therapist will share valuable insights and recommendations for ongoing wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Tailored Massage is a custom wellness journey, blending Puerto Rico's rich traditions with modern techniques. It's uniquely designed to meet your individual relaxation and rejuvenation needs.

Experience a 60-minute Custom Massage for $125 by contacting us via phone or our appointment reservation form, for a massage experience crafted just for you.

Enjoy relaxation, pain relief, a deepened body-mind connection, and improved posture, all through a massage uniquely tailored to your body's needs.

Your experience includes a warm welcome, personalized consultation, a custom therapeutic massage, followed by relaxation and tailored wellness recommendations.

Our therapies are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, making them suitable for almost everyone seeking personalized wellness experiences.

Our Tailored Massage sessions typically last 90 minutes, providing ample time for a comprehensive, personalized treatment.

Absolutely, we encourage you to discuss your preferences during the consultation for a massage that's perfectly aligned with your needs

Yes, our Tailored Massage is excellent for stress relief, offering a serene escape and targeted relaxation

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