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Deep Cleansing Facial

What is a Deep Cleansing Facial?

Deep Cleansing Facial at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio is not just any facial; it's a rejuvenating experience tailored for those in Luquillo, Puerto Rico. This treatment combines meticulous cleaning with an advanced exfoliation and desincrustation process, ensuring pores are unclogged and impurities that settle on the skin are released.

What truly distinguishes our service is the utilization of the Toskani Mesoject gun. This technology guarantees a deep facial cleansing that is both efficient and gentle. As the treatment concludes, our therapists enrich your skin with mineral-rich serums, leading to a radiantly healthy glow and a feeling of revitalized youthfulness.

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Deep Cleansing Facial in Puerto Rico

Duration: 75 min

For a transformative 75-minute deep cleansing facial near me experience at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio, the cost is $125. To book your session, simply give us a call or fill out our appointment reservation form. Dive into the world of deep facial rejuvenation right here in Puerto Rico.

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Benefits of Deep Cleansing Facial

Our Aesthetic Treatments Deep Cleansing Facial at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio in Luquillo offers more than just surface-level beauty. Delving beyond the immediately noticeable radiance and suppleness, this treatment harbors a myriad of profound advantages our clientele continually praises.


Effectively purifies the skin, liberating it from ensnared dirt and environmental pollutants.
Gently sloughs off dead skin cells, unveiling a renewed and more vibrant layer underneath.
Proficiently unclogs and diminishes the visibility of enlarged pores, granting a smoother skin texture.
The indulgent facial massage invigorates blood circulation, fostering a more nourished and lively skin appearance.
Our mineral-abundant serums deeply nourish, rejuvenating the skin from within, for lasting benefits.

Your Deep Cleansing Facial Experience

1. Arrival & Welcome
2. Personalized Consultation
3. Pre Deep Cleansing Facial
4. The Deep Cleansing Facial Experience: 
5. Post Deep Cleansing Facial
6. Departure & Recommendations
1. Arrival & Welcome

As you step into our serene space in Luquillo, our team warmly welcomes you, setting the tone for relaxation.

2. Personalized Consultation

Your therapist discusses your skin concerns, ensuring the treatment aligns with your needs.

3. Pre Deep Cleansing Facial

A gentle cleansing prepares your skin, making it receptive to the deep cleansing process.

4. The Deep Cleansing Facial Experience

Using the Toskani Mesoject gun, our therapist ensures deep, thorough, and gentle facial cleansing.

5. Post Deep Cleansing Facial

A calming serum is applied to soothe and hydrate, locking in the benefits.

6. Departure & Recommendations

Before you leave, your therapist offers tailored skincare advice to maintain the glow.

Deep Cleansing Facial Home Care

After undergoing our Deep Cleansing Facial, it's imperative to prolong its benefits once you're back in the comfort of your home. For the initial 24 hours post-treatment, it's best to shield your skin from direct sunlight and abstain from applying makeup. This hiatus allows your skin to freely breathe, ensuring the thorough absorption of the nourishing serums we've applied.

In the days that follow, prioritize moisturizing daily and opt for a gentle cleanser to maintain the skin's balance. It's equally crucial to hydrate from within by drinking ample water, aiding in the removal of any residual toxins. To keep your skin looking and feeling its rejuvenated best, consistently adhere to the skincare regimen as recommended by our therapist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Deep Cleansing Facial at Chi Spa Massage & Bodyworks Studio is a comprehensive treatment designed to rejuvenate your skin. It combines thorough cleansing, advanced exfoliation, and desincrustation, enhanced by the Toskani Mesoject gun, ensuring deep cleansing while being gentle on the skin.

Our Deep Cleansing Facial stands out due to the use of the Toskani Mesoject gun, which ensures efficient and gentle cleansing. This technology and our mineral-rich serums leave your skin deeply cleansed, nourished, and radiantly glowing.

This facial treatment offers several benefits, including deep skin purification, removal of dead skin cells, unclogging and minimizing pores, enhancing blood circulation, and nourishing the skin with mineral-rich serums for long-lasting benefits.

Your experience will start with a warm welcome and a personalized skin consultation. The treatment includes a pre-cleansing step, applying the Toskani Mesoject gun for deep cleansing, and concluding with a soothing serum application. Post-treatment, you'll receive customized skincare advice.

After your facial, avoid direct sunlight and makeup for 24 hours to allow your skin to breathe and absorb the serums. Following the treatment, use a gentle cleanser, moisturize daily, and stay hydrated to assist in toxin removal. Adhering to the skincare regimen recommended by our therapist will help maintain your skin's rejuvenated appearance.

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